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Why DNP Luxury Travel?

Welcome to DNP Luxury Travel LLC. 


Why did I start a travel business?

My Mom was the type of woman that would pack up and go at a drop of a hat. I remember being in school and coming home one particular day and all our furniture was in the front yard. My Mom looked at my brother and I and she said," Grab what you really want, we're only taking what can fit in the car." Because my Mom would move or should I say stay on the move my Dad start calling her a Gypsy because she wouldn't stay in one place very long and she only took what she needed. 

I noticed that when I became a young adult, I would just pack up and move. I tried purchasing a home so my children would stay "put" but we started moving around inside the house. We started packing within the home we lived in, moving from bedroom to bedroom. I believe at one point each of us stayed in a different bedroom every year lol. When the last child and I were left in the house and the Gypsy blood over took me I just couldn't stay put any longer. I began the journey of "Grab and Go" Gypsy because it is just in our DNA. So becoming a travel agent keeps me on the move and helps me stay put at the same time. It's a big part of my life to pack and go. Now my husband and I pack up, take off and stay a week or two weeks and still have a home to return to.... Gypsy, Pack & Go!


Call me today and I'll help you plan your next trip!

De'Rea Burrow

DNP Luxury Travel, LLC

Number: (731) 503-0367


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